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GuiHe group PuBei home textile city project start ceremonyceremony
GuiHe group PuBei home textile city project start ceremonyceremony
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In spring, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.On February 20, 2012 on the morning of pubei county belongs guangxi silk co., LTD., the square flags waving, the music sounds.Preparation of guangxi home textile city ground-breaking ceremony held here.In under the leadership of chairman of the board of directors on which army, guangxi group management team and laurel concentrating area of pubei county belongs, silk co., LTD all staff attended the opening ceremony.Related to leadership, chamber of commerce, people from all walks of life to celebrate.

Pubei county belongs to GuiHe silk co., LTD., founded in May 2001, belonging to the guangxi guangxi group co., LTD., in 2005 was named municipal leading enterprises.Company is mainly engaged in silk products production, sale and silk raw materials procurement.The company existing staff more than 350 people, technicians 60 people.Enterprise production factory covers an area of 40 mu, building area of about 17238.8 square meters, owns 10 hualong new era 2000 type automatic silk reeling and other auxiliary equipment.The main products are various specifications of white steam filature and tide head, has a long spit, silkworm chrysalis, and so on.Company's existing total assets of  more than 12000 ten thousand yuan.  of which fixed assets of more than 2000 ten thousand yuan, annual output value of more than 7800 ten thousand yuan.

In order to improve the limitations of a single product, improve the scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises, optimize and upgrade the city cocoon industry and product structure, the transformation of the mode of development and further improve the utilization rate of silkworm cocoon resources stretched industrial chain and increase product added value.In March 2011, the company plans a total investment of more than 3000 ten thousand yuan, in pubei county belongs to guangxi and silk co., LTD., east of 17 acres of new requisition of land, the new silk textile, silk by making project.Construction scale for producing silk by 60000 bed and other home textile products, building area of 12550 ㎡, the whole project is completed, second startup for the company, creates the world first-class silk enterprises lay the foundation.Employment increased by 173 jobs, annual output value of more than 7000 ten thousand yuan, the profit tax of more than 200 ten thousand yuan.

Company unswervingly developing subsequent high-end industries, is committed to build a new brand "laurel in home textile", increase brand awareness, improve the enterprise product publicity, promote enterprise's core competitiveness in the global and domestic markets.For the local government contributions to economic construction, to make further promote enterprise bigger and stronger, do the best, the local farmers.


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