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Logo meaning: signs of creativity from the cocoon and Bagui impression. Marked as containing Guangxi landscape of the cocoon, direct point of GUI group location (Guangxi) and business property (silk). The Silk Road (road, sea) is a symbol of the East West Economic and cultural exchanges, Id give Bagui impression elements but also into the silk road.

GUI alloy group, a silk industry the bright younger generation, has been to recast the Oriental Silk glorious mission, marking the clever into "East" word, so that enterprises can in the international distinguished international regional East - Chinese, at the same time, "East" is to make the earth's latitude and the identification by, there is a kind of globalization feeling. Identify other full, smooth, steady in the rich change, stable contains passion.

Identification of the blue green with green, blue present rational, full of hope, herald the GUI group in the silk industry, rapid growth, great strides forward, toward the hope of a better tomorrow.

Logo meaning GUI group based in Guangxi, facing the China, have the whole world in view.

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