Like to see GUI together, concentric singing brilliant. With the joy of harvest and good expectation for the future, we are full of pride ushered in the nine anniversary of the establishment of the joint.   Time passes very quickly., time flies, the past fourteen years, the society from all walks of life and we witness GUI group feet together, also witnessed the brilliant chapter in our common GUI he man. GUI alloy every bit of achievements of the past, all cannot do without the party and the support of the leadership of all levels of government, cannot do without the help and cooperation of friends from all walks of life, to this, I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you!

Looking back, we are proud of! GUI alloy people appearing in the inheritance of national silk culture in the history of the surf, shines with dazzling bright light. Since the two hundred years of entrepreneurship, innovation and development of GUI alloy after I won't change any day lasts fourteen years, does not stop the. We vigorously promote "based on the Beibu Gulf, the domestic focus on developing, radiation whole world" as the development strategy, always adhere to the "create value for the society, creating opportunities for employees, creating benefits" for business philosophy, closely around "a world-class silk enterprise" vision, in the efforts of all staff, the total sales of the Group annual production, rapid growth, the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises constantly enhanced, not only successfully deal with the financial crisis and challenge, and one of the top in the national raw silk the largest production scale of enterprises.    

Looking to the future, we are filled with pride. Standing at a new historical starting point, we will continue to hold high the theme of scientific development, innovation and development, with full enthusiasm and the spirit to meet the new challenges. We will not to move or retreat to the subsequent development of high-end industry, to create "Gui he home textile" new brands, enhance brand awareness, let GUI he products through the country, known all over the world.

In the future days, we firmly believe that, in the GUI of enterprises under the guidance of the spirit, in the face of fierce competition to win the opportunity, prosperity, all staff through the pay sincerely, devotion and solid work. Opportunities and challenges coexist, the glory and the dream. We will keep the entrepreneurial passion and courage, pioneering and innovative, forge ahead, towards the established goals. We firmly believe that, in everybody make concerted efforts, GUI in the future journey will make greater achievements, create greater glories!

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